My Writing

*= (these fics are actually really good in my opinion 10\10 recommend.)

Chaptered/mult-part Fics:

Adopting Harry

Brought Together

Biggest Fan [Lirry Stayne Fic]

School Blues

One Shots\Prompts:


Cuddles, Kisses, and Oversized Sweaters. (Fluff)

Blowing Off Steam. (Smut & Fluff)

Secret Boyfriend. (Fluff, with overprotective brother!Liam)

Be My Sugar Baby (And I’ll Be Your Daddy) (future part 2)

YouTube Sensation  

*Christmas Shoes.

Invincible (smut at the end)

Knot Me Up (omega!Harry, lots of smut guys.)

Little Brother


The New Addition. (With baby!Harry.)


Stay With Me (with baby!Harry)


We Are Broken Glass (smut, trigger warning)

*Annabel (Original kid, Harry and Liam are fathers.)


The Holiday (baby!Harry, kid!Liam, kid!Niall)


Her Perfection (girl!Harry, girl!Niall)


It Gets Easier. (baby!harry)


Stress (Zianourry friendship, Harry Centric) 

Brotherly Love (Zianourry friendship Louis and Niall Centric)

Diagnosed (Zianourry friendship Niall Centric) 

Zayn’s Biggest Fear (Zianourry, Zayn Centirc) 

The Perks Of Being The Smallest (Zianourry, Harry Centric)

Zianourry Smut (Smut, sub!Harry&Niall, dom!Liam&Louis&Zayn)

The Ski Trip (Zianourry Harry Centric)

Harry Has a Secret (Harry Centric, kitten!Harry)

Daddy I Feel Sick (child!harry)

*Falling Into Place, (baby!Harry, Zianourry brothers)

Family (baby!harry) (part two xxx)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Just to make myself clear, I don’t write age-play… It’s age-change (But you can imagine it however you perfer I just wanted to clear up that age-play isnt what I intended to write) 

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